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Film vs. Television

By October 29, 2007

When deciding upon an entertainment career path, many people often wonder whether they should go into television or into film.

There are three things you'll want to consider when making this decision for yourself:

  1. PASSION: What's your passion? Are you more of a film buff or a TV junkie? Start by deciding which road you enjoy the most as an audience member then see how that might convert into a career.
  2. CONTACTS: Who do you know? Do you have a cousin in the film business? A sister working in television? The people you know might not only be able to help you get your career off the ground, but chances are they are chock full of good advice about the industry they are working in that could potentially help inform your decision.
  3. SECURITY: Some could argue that because a typical television series runs over the course of many years that you have more job security working in television. But film has the excitement of never knowing who you're going to work with or where you're going to work from project to project. So, decide how important a sense of financial security is versus your need for adventure.

Whichever road you go down you'll soon see that an entertainment career is unlike any other job on the planet!

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