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Film / TV Careers November 2007 Archive


Hope For a Holiday Miracle!

Thursday November 22, 2007
Well, the writer's strike has been running for a few weeks now and it's starting to take its toll. A number of top level film projects have been cancelled ... Read More

Writers Strike Information - Staying Up to Date

Wednesday November 14, 2007
You're probably reading about the writers strike in local newspapers or getting tidbits of information on television. Unfortunately, I find much of this coverage pretty unsatisfying. Living ... Read More

Opportunity is Still Out There...

Wednesday November 14, 2007
A strike is tough on everyone involved. It's even tougher if you're one of the thousands just trying to get an entertainment career off the ground. You might ... Read More

WGA Writers Strike - Now 7 Days Old

Monday November 12, 2007
Well, unfortunately, the worst case scenario has occurred. For those of you not keeping up with the local entertainment news, the writers strike is now in full swing. What does ... Read More

'Twas the Night Before the Strike...

Thursday November 1, 2007
Well, if last night is any indication, things aren't looking good at the negotiation table. It's looking more and more like a WGA strike could occur. Tonight (Thursday) ... Read More

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