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Preparing for a Career in Film and Television


Preparing for a career in film and television starts by making sure that you choose the right career path as well as developing the skill sets you need to make the most of your talents and abilities. Look through these career profiles and learn which educational path you should follow, because it's important to tackle the basics before trying to master the entertainment field.
  1. Start by Knowing Your Best Career Choice
  2. Career Profiles
  3. Classes & Education
  4. Getting on the Job Experience

Start by Knowing Your Best Career Choice

Before you head down your entertainment career path, it's important for you to think about what type of job is best for you. Not only which jobs best suit your particular skill sets, but also which jobs are best for your personality.

Career Profiles

There are a wide variety of jobs in the realm of film and television. From writing to directing, make-up to lighting -- each has their own set of requirements and all of which are important to the overall quality of a Hollywood production. It's best to get an idea of what type of job you're looking for, before you set out on your career path.

Classes & Education

In the entertainment realm, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of different classes you can take to help develop certain skills that will help you in your film and television career.

Getting on the Job Experience

Some of the best ways to see which career is right for you is through on the job training. From internships to production assistant positions, you will learn every aspect of your newly chosen career. You'll also learn whether or not it is a career you indeed wish to pursue, or it might give you the chance to discover another that you may have never considered before.

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